Client Testimonials


My time with Shannon has been truly transformational. Shannon has committed herself to create a community of like minded people who want better for themselves, their families and their communities. The Wellness Ranch is a beautiful serene atmosphere where I could hang out all day. I felt like I had arrived home on my first session, therefore, I was able to let go and open my heart to new possibilities of transformation of my old self and embrace creating a new self by letting go of old patterns and limiting beliefs through her coaching techniques. Shannon was and is patient and will always take time to go over any questions that I have, plus all of the valuable tools to help me continue my journey through the matrix of life. I am grateful to Shannon for her dedication and commitment to creating more joy and hope for people and the world. My journey isn't over and I invite anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired to reach out to Shannon at the Wellness Ranch to create the life you are worthy of."



" I started with Shannon with confusion and emotions all over the place. I have since been able to place my emotions in their proper place. Her methods work for me. It’s amazing how fast the results are. I’m healing from the inside out and releasing old baggage I didn’t even know was there. I still have work to do but I have progressed rapidly. I’m so grateful for Shannon and the service she provides. I’m moving forward positively in my life and it feels really good."


Denise B.

" I recently had a session with Shannon and I’m telling you: all of this is a game changer! It’s a true awakening! Thank you Shannon. You are a natural healer. Many blessings Amiga! "


Maria T.