Healing Mind, Body, and Growth

Helping You on a Spiritual Journey Towards Wellness

Discover Your Purpose and Live Your Full Potential

I’m Shannon Stallings, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner at Wellness at the Ranch. I assist with guiding clients to heal from negative emotions and limiting beliefs that keeps us in a stuck state. I’ll be with you throughout the journey—guiding you to become the best version of yourself.


Your Support in Health and Wellness

I’m a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner in NLP, Mental Emotional Release®, Spiritual Healing, and a Certified Breathwork Instructor, offering services in Lodi California, and other surrounding areas.

With my past personal experiences, I’ve become knowledgeable in many techniques and healing modalities that have transformed my life. Now, I want to share them and be your guide in achieving overall wellness.

Consult With a Practitioner

You can try our retreat programs at Wellness at the Ranch if you're looking for sessions other than a one-on-one coaching service. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about what I can do for you.